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Project Description
Zero Framework is .NET based framework for rapid development of thick client applications using agile methodologies. It uses EF Code First, Caliburn.Micro, custom message-based comunication running over WCF and MEF for dependency resolution.

This project is ideas presenting concept of framework suitable for agile development of client-server applications on .NET platform. It presents some techniques, that can be considered non-orthodox by many.

Theese include :
  • Multi-purpouse entities - Entities have multiple purpouses. They act as POCO entities for EF Code-First model. They are used for transport between client and server. And they implement INotifyPropertyChanged and IDataErrorInfo for use in WPF/Silverlight bindings. They also offer easy validation through DataAnotations.
  • Message communication - Instead of Service-oriented communication, it uses Message-based one.
  • Four-layer model - Whole framework compromises of 4 layers:
    • Data layer - Uses Entity Framework to acces data
    • Server business logic layer - This allows to write logic, that should be run on server
    • Client business logic layer - Used as ViewModel, it allows to create client-side logic
    • View layer - View part of MVVM patter through WPF or Silverlight

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